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Self-Nanoemulsifying Dietary Delivery Systems

The health benefits of many natural products and drugs are limited by  their  poor  oral bioavailability. Attempts to solve this problem have led to numerous molecular processing leading to the recent   development of self-nanoemulsifying  dietary delivery  systems (SNEDDS), designed  to  improve solubility, intestinal absorption, metabolic transport and cellular uptake of bioactive compounds.

VN has developed advanced IP to create a versatile biocompatible SNEDDS manufactured to “critical parameters” utilizing natural fatty acids from non-GMO coconut & palm fruit, non-GMO beet/cane sugar, sunflower lecithin and PiperiSol, our taste-neutral piperine SNEDDS.


The VN SNEDDSTM facilitates the  delivery of fat soluble and water soluble bioactives in unique nanoparticles. VN SNEDDS are lipid vesicles made of phospholipids (natural sunflower lecithin) that facilitate efficient absorption of poorly bioavailable nutraceuticals regardless of their water or fat solubility, charge, size, or structure.

VN SNEDDS protects nutraceuticals from the harsh conditions of the gastrointestinal tract, while connecting with epithelial membranes of intestinal microvilli for direct absorption into the bloodstream. This results in significantly enhanced delivery of VN bioactives compared to typical unencapsulated ingredients.


The unique encapsulation design of VN SNEDDSTM protects and masks sensitive bioactives, to improve stability during product manufacturing and the shelf-life of finished products, while reducing or eliminating flavor and aroma off-notes of bioactive ingredients.

VN SNEDDSTM are custom designed for efficient delivery of a wide range of bioactives and are produced in our FDA registered, SGS certified facility through a complex proprietary low temperature process utilizing advanced “purpose-designed” equipment, refined engineering techniques and strict quality controls.

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Thymoquinone (TQ) vs ThymoPro™ LS based on PAMPA

TQ isolate dissolves in about 30%. TQ in VNTQLS10 is fully dissolved.
VNTQLS10 showed 4 times better permeability than TQ isolate.


VN SNEDDS Technology increased bioavailability of thymoquinone by 1333%.

*Independent Analysis at University Reference Lab.  Data Available Upon Request.