VN develops advanced Senolytics-Geroscience natural products focused on:
Mitochondrial Biology: UPR, Mitophagy, Biogenesis
Chaperone Mediated Autophagy
Cognition & Mood
Sarcopenia & Physical Performance
Inflammatory Markers
Insulin Sensitivity
Lipid Balance


Verdant Nature’s Fermentation Discovery platform coordinates the efforts of research laboratories specially equipped for identification and analysis of microbial metabolites derived from sustainable and renewable vegan sources to provide wholesome and nutrient-dense dietary ingredients comprising a wide range of biologically active metabolites, including Terpenes, Polysaccharides, Alkaloids, Triterpenes, Thiols, Phenolics, Sterols, Biogenic amines and Secondary Metabolites such as Short-Chain Fatty Acids.

Fermentation also enables beneficial microbes to synthesize vitamins and minerals and reduce anti-nutrients, while producing Bacteriocins,  Sphingolipids, Organic acids and Bioactive Peptides & Enzymes– providing beneficial dietary constituents known to help manage oxidative stress, support a healthy immune response, maintain inflammatory balance, metabolic efficiency and regulation of neurotransmitters, in addition to enhancing microbiome diversity and vigor. Fermentates have also been studied for their effects on cognitive capacity, mood, stress adaptation, appetite, BMI,  obesity, gluten & lactose sensitivity, intestinal permeability, joint mobility, athletic endurance, skin aging and other biomarkers of human performance, wellness and healthspan.


VN’s Microbiomics Discovery Platform explores the metabolomics of Prebiotics, Probiotics, Postbiotics and Short Chain Fatty Acids in robust bioprocessing models in a collaborative multicenter research initiative involving scientists with advanced research expertise and integrated understanding of multiomic microbiome environments.


VN’s Geroscience Discovery Platform leverages our Microbiomics, Fermentation, Solvent-Free extraction and SNEDDS delivery systems to yield novel, bioavailable Senolytic, Senostatic & Geroprotective dietary ingredients from wholesome natural foods.

Our molecular Geroscience research objectives range from multiple aspects of mitochondrial function to transcription factors regulating critical intracellular antioxidant and cytoprotective mechanisms in a systems biology model to integrate metabolic and cell-signaling networks influencing cognition, mood, insulin sensitivity, sarcopenia and obesity.


VN’s Mitochondria Biology Discovery Platform seeks to favorably influence mitochondrial biogenesis and mitophagy through a better understanding of nuclear-mitochondrial communication, protein expression, the regulation of fission and fusion and the signaling molecules and quality control mechanisms associated with these processes. Additional targets include the Mitochondrial Unfolded Protein Response and its physiological influence on cell survival and aging.

In addition to mitophagy, the MB program has a separate ROS (reactive oxygen species) track targeting the efficient delivery of natural compounds that support adaptive responses to unregulated oxidative and reductive stressors.


VN’s Natural Product Discovery Platform has an expanding portfolio of natural products developed through our research.  These ingredients are available for special customer-specific projects on a custom and exclusive basis. Please inquire.

Terpenes                                                                                 Thiols

Polysaccharides                                                                      Phenolics

Peptides                                                                                 Sterols

Alkaloids                                                                                 Biogenic amines

Triterpenes                                                                             Secondary metabolites